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Laboratory Tests on Our Henna/Hair Colors

Impression Cosmetics is a well established and well reputed manufacturer and exporter of high class herbal henna and henna based hair colors. We always strive to manufacture our products as per global standards in quality and specifications. Our range of hair colors is the best in terms of quality and value for money.

Natural Hair Colors Cosmetics works on the research, development and application of hair colors. We have chemical technicians, laboratory assistants, chemists working for us, who perform in our in-house laboratories everything from chemical analyses of the first formulations of the color to the final technical application tests. The experts evaluate the new product with regard to user friendliness, color result, color sensitiveness and durability. The product is made available to the consumers only after this decisive phase has been completed successfully .

The different tests that our team undertakes to produce good quality herbal henna and hair colors are as follows: Hypersensitivity Test
Hypersensitive test relate to a method for carrying out occlusive epicutaneous tests or patch tests to determine contact allergies to some specific substance or for testing or determining allergenic and/or irritant properties of a substance. This test is also popularly known as "TRUE test".

What We Do?
First a formula is developed, chemically analyzed and tested in the laboratory. Here the substance suspected to have allergenic or irritant properties, in our case the hair colors, is applied to normal skin under occlusion for a certain period of time and checked for irritation, itching, reddening, swelling or inflammation. We make sure that the hair color that we produce do not produce any such reactions, so that they are applicable to all hair and skin types.

How We Do?
We ensure that the hypersensitive test is done on our team members in our laboratory before the color is made available to consumers in the market. To determine whether a person is hypersensitive to hair coloring, we do the following:
  • Clean a small area on the inner fold of the elbow or behind ear, extending partly into the hairline or upon the inner surface of the forearm with soap and water.
  • Dry the area properly .
  • Prepare a test solution/paste by mixing a few drops of the exact color with water.
  • Apply the paste to that area and allow it to dry.
  • After few hours, the area is washed with water. If no reaction is experienced in or around the test area, it implies that no hypersensitivity to the colorant exists and the hair coloring can be applied immediately.
Note: We also advise our customers to undergo this test.

Strand TestStrand Test
Natural Hair Colors produces a huge range of herbal based hair colors like Natural Black, Burgundy Mahogany Brown, Chestnut Brown, Golden Brown, Orange and Lemon hair colors. In order to ensure that we produce the exact color, we undergo strand test on varied hair samples. We also advise our customers to undertake this test before using it so that the color looks exactly the way they desire.

What We Do?
A strand test is a reliable method to "preview" the new color. This is one step which should not be avoided. The strand test not only ensures that we get the right color but it also helps in finding out whether you have an allergy to the product's ingredients. Through partial colorations, our experts compare the color result of the test product with the original color or other colorations. We always conduct laboratory tests for hair colors on "standardized" hair, that is, on a blend of real hair.
While undertaking this test, adjustments can be made to the hair color formula either by adding or subtracting colors to enhance or reduce different undertones in the test strands.

How We Do?
The strand test is done in the following manner:
  • Choose a strand of hair to test.
  • Prepare a small quantity of hair color mixture.
  • Apply about 1 tsp. of hair color to the selected test strand. We make sure that the hair is coated thoroughly and evenly from root to tip.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • Wash after a few hours.
  • Now check the color.
To get a lighter or darker shade, the length of time that the color is left on can be varied. In case we are not getting the desired color, we work on the formula again to get the right color. We also recommend our customers to do this teat. Always thoroughly dry the test strand to check for proper color and breakage/damage.

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