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Natural Hair Colors is a reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of herbal herbal henna products and natural hair colors  which are highly demanded in the hair colors industry.
Herbal based Hair Colors

We produce a range of natural hair colors products and dyes which produce the best hair color without any side effects.

Tips on Hair Colors

This section is an informative section to help you to know more about hair colors and how to choose them.
Color Consltation Choosing a Hair Color
Handy Tips for Hair Coloring
Color Types
Color Techniques
At Home Hair Coloring Tips
Hair Color Removal

Application Method

Application Method

Know how to make a hair dye solution or henna paste and how to apply henna and other hair colors effectively.

Laboratory Tests on our Henna/Hair Colors

Laboratory tests on our Henna
We have our in house laboratory where both the hypersensitive test and the strand test are done on our team members, before the colors are made available to the general consumers.
 Hyper Sensitivity
 Strand Test



The ingredients used in the manufacturing process of our hair colors contain pure natural henna and other herbs.

We are a trusted supplier of natural based herbal henna and different types of hair colors.

Our hair colors contain natural henna as major ingredient, which not only protects and nourishes but also colors hair naturally with permanent effect.

Some FAQs related to our company and our products.


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