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Handy Tips for Hair Coloring

Since the origin of time, a woman's hair has been her pride and her boon. Women devote long tire some period with primitive hair colors and herbal compounds, seeking to come up with beautiful hair. Today hair coloring has become a quite a fashion for both men and women, trying out different colors on their hairs to give a beautiful look or a different look altogether. Today hair coloring is not confined to coloring gray hair only.

While Imparting Darker Shade on Lighter Color
It is best to have a professional do this because a lot of times you will come out with a secondary color and a second hair coloring will have to be executed with a nullifying hair color. If you are a level 7 or darker, you should step by step move 2 levels down till you reach your hair color finish. If the ends of your hairs are very poriferous, then the hair color will take hold of them and they'll become darker than the remaining hairs.

Hair Coloring

While Imparting Lighter Shade on Dark Color
To move from darker hair to soft blonde requires a two-step process: lightening and toning. Lightening moves out the red and gold pigments, while toning puts the desired tint of blonde shade to hair. Hair color can only move up 2-3 shades from your natural shade. So if you presently have dark brown color and want to apply light blonde, you must perform a double step procedure.

Handy Tips for Healthy Hair
Here are some handy tips that will make your hair look healthier and glow with the desired color and give you salon-like results along with quick and easy solutions to common problems related with coloring your hair :-
  • If you are coloring your hair for the first time, start from the top of the neck where the natural hair color is darkest.

  • Hair color at the hair ends fade more quickly. Thus apply hair color that is one level darker to the ends, without imparting the developer.

  • Addition of small quantity of yellow or gold idiom to the hair color contributes warmth, shine and highlighting appearance to your hairs.

  • Regular exposure to sun or swimming water may wear off the hair color quickly. Proper conditioning of hair is required to negate the effects of summer heat and water.

  • Chemicals used in swimming pool may impart a greenish touch to blonde hairs. To prevent this, use a good shampoo and then apply a warm dialect on your hair.

  • Undesirable strong tone of hair color can be cooled down by the application of ash or violet dialects.

  • Always use a shade darker than the shade of color used for gray hairs.

  • Hair coloring should be done only when they are amply dry because color of moist and wet hair may get diluted later on.

  • In case the current hair color is darker than the next chosen shade, apply a good hair color remover to entirely misplace the former tint.

  • Permit the hair color to remain for at least 35-45 min. It may take longer. The longer you allow the hair color to remain, the better the result.

  • Always apply one hair color tincture darker than the target hair color

  • The quality of shampoo used by you can play a major role in hair color fading. Apply a shampoo particularly made for hair color treated hair.

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