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Making of Henna/Hair Color Paste & Application Method

We give below description of how a henna paste or a hair color dye solution is prepared at home:
  • Take out the Impression henna powder or hair color in a plastic bowl.
  • In order to make the paste, add 6-7 table spoons or approx. 35 cc. water.
  • Be careful while adding water as too much water will make the mixture very light.
  • Make the paste so thick that it can be easily applied on hair.
  • If you are using hair color, the paste can be applied immediately.
  • If you are using henna, then you can keep the paste for few hours before applying it. This of course depends on how dark or light shade you require.
Henna Paste

Henna Application Method

Henna Application Method
  • The day before applying henna, deep condition your hairs.
  • Use your hands or a new pair of kitchen rubber gloves.
  • If you are using your hands, then apply the henna with two finger tips.
  • Start from the bottom back of hair and apply up toward the roots.

    Henna Application Method

  • Be careful not to tangle the hair.
  • Wrap your hair with a plastic wrapper.

    Henna Application Method

  • Keep it overnight or more than 3-4 hours if you want a darker tinge or wash your hair after 1-2 hours.
  • Rinse using warm water.
  • If required, apply a light application of conditioner to continue getting the henna out.
Henna Application Method

Hair Dye/Hair Color Application Method
  • The day before applying henna, deep condition your hairs.
  • Conduct a test to know whether you are allergic to hair color or not. If you are not allergic, only then continue coloring your hairs
  • Use a brush to apply the dye or color.
  • Take strands of hair, secure one end with cellophane tape (if needed) and apply the paste.
  • The paste should reach in the roots of hair.
  • You can use a toothbrush to reach the roots.
  • Comb the hair after five minutes.
  • Leave the dye on for the maximum time specified (usually between 15 and 30 minutes).
  • Wash the hair with water.
  • You can use soap or shampoo as you like.
Hair Dye Hair Color Application Method
Hair Dye Hair Color Application Method

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