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Hair Color Removal

When roots grow out, hair color fades with time. However, if there is the need for hair color removal much before the stipulated time, there are many hair color removal products in the market. In case of hair color removal, application of hairspray, hot oil treatments, shampooing and wash with water will gradually fade hair dye. For the removal of hairs, you will have to follow the instructions listed below :

Tips for successful hair color removal
  • Performance of strand test is necessary before applying any hair color removal.

  • Don't forget to defend your clothing from hair color removal products.

  • Precisely pursue the instructions on all hair color removal products.

    Hair Color Removal

  • Start out by dividing hair in sections of 1/4 to 1/2 inch and tighten with the hair clips.

  • Apply the hair dye removal product starting in small sections from the roots to the tips of your hair.

  • Keep on to apply the hair dye removal product in the same manner until all your hairs are thoroughly covered.

  • Tie your hair loosely on top of your head and cover with the plastic cap or secure with a hair clip.

  • Carefully follow the directions and make sure you don't exceed the maximum time. Hair removal dye always contains bleach, which can damage your hair and cause hair loss. In case you experience severe burning, wash the product from your hair at once and consult the doctor.

  • When the time is up, dispose the plastic cap and wash the product from your hair.

  • Use a good conditioner, rinse and towel dry.

  • Deep conditioning with a low pH conditioner helps protect your hair as well as add natural softness and shine.

  • Hair color removal products should not be used on henna.

  • Keep hair color removal products away from eyes contact. Never apply them on lashes or eye-brows.

  • Bleach should not be used for hair color removal. It helps artificial colors click deeper into the hair shaft and weakens tit, resulting even more harms.
In Case of Black Hair Dye
  • Complete removal of black hair dye from your hair, is very tough especially for permanent hair color. Better to let it grow out, bleaching with chemicals harms the hair quality. It may make it so stretchable and flimsy that it starts falling.

  • If black hair dye stains. The best method is to forbid it from spotting by applying Vaseline around the hairline before dyeing.

  • Using detergent and water quickly is a good idea, if black hair dye stains fabric.

  • Black hair dye stains can also be removed by rubbing cigarette ash over the stained skin.

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